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    Maid Of Honour, Plan The Perfect Bridal Shower with These Seven Foolproof Tips 

    Being the chief bridesmaid equivocally doesn’t just mean you get to wear a separate dress saying you are the bride’s wing woman, it also means they are a lot of things to would have to spearhead.

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    And one of them is the bridal shower. To be honest, planning one might be extremely hectic, especially if you are not the events kind of person. It is, however, one thing you’d look back on after the wedding and be proud of, besides, you have a supporting squad aka other bridesmaids.

    Other events might be handled by the events planner as contacted by the bride, the bridal shower is, however, your baby. So let’s get to it, here is the step by step process on how to plan the perfect bridal shower:Screen Shot 2018 04 27 at 16.21.52

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    Set a date: This must be decided upon consultation with the bride unless of course, it’s a surprise shower. Ideally, a bridal shower should be at least a month or two months to the wedding. This is right in setting the mood and creating an avenue for everyone on the bride’s team to bond fully before the big day.

    Select a Theme: Bridal showers with a theme are extremely fun. Not only are they colourful, but they also help to set the tone and determine the decoration of the venue. Such pretty theme as pretty in the pink, vintage, tea party or the wild tequila shots and naughty dress up party. The Queens This Bride And Bridesmaid Styled Shoot Is Serving Premium Bridal Squad 97 KKOBRIDES
    Remember, as the maid of honour, you might be planning the events, you, however, have to make sure they are to the taste of the bride. You don’t want her to be grossed out or bored on her day

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    Compile a guest list: Not everyone invited for the wedding will be invited for the shower, but everyone at the shower must have been invited by the bride

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    Bridal shower is just a fragment of the whole event, no need to break the bank over it. As the maid of honour, you would have to contact or reach out to the bridesmaid on how to afford some of the things penned down.

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    Location: This depends on the budget and the closeness to the bride’s city of residence. Convenience is key when choosing a location and also how perfect the venue is for the theme picked. A tequila party won’t be nice in a garden neither would a tea party suit a club

    bridesmaid brides ngMenu: This is imperative on the theme picked. A tea party will mostly involve snacks, cupcakes and finger foods, while a tequila bar party will well, have a lot of shots going on

    Activities: Nigerian typical bridal shower starts and ends with a photo shoot. Most of them do not involve a series of fun games for the brides and her friends. As a conventional maid of honour, this you should be doing differently. Compile series of games that would entertain both the bride and the guests invited to the bachelorette party.

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