Men Do Not Need Love, They Only Need Food, Shelter And Sex To Be Happy

Men don’t need love.

In all honestly, being the beasts they are modelled to be, men only need shelter from harsh weather vagaries and at best food while in the shelter to stop them from dying.

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Needless to say, sex completes the jigsaw for them. That composition basically forms the whole recipe to keep a man going for life – shelter, food, sex.

Women know this first hand, that is why a good wife will push her husband to build a house first then keep him well supplied with conjugal benefits to motivate him to looking for food every single day till the day they drop dead.

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In short, men only need to stay alive and be able to access an opportunity to procreate to extend their family lineages. This is why the revised Maslow’s hierarchy of needs places sex at the bottom of the pyramid alongside other requirements like food and shelter.

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It is with the understanding that sex has a prime stake in a man’s life and triggers surrender in a woman world to foster peace.

SexYou see, men, traditionally did not need a bond with a woman. They also did not care about emotional connection with their children. They understood that their primary role in human existence was provision and conquest.

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Men were therefore always at war extending their territories or hunting and gathering to ensure they brought food home for the family.

Until recently they understood their terms of engagement exceptionally well.

The modern-day man on the other hand is the epitome of weakness. While technology has brought with it a fair share of benefits, it has come at a very costly price in terms of lost masculinity. Sadly.

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If we are going to be submissive to men they must not be deceived to believe westernized soap opera ideologies that dishing out money from their posh jobs can tame the cravings of a female.

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Guaranteed, we will appreciate the soft life, but we want a man in charge of his territory, a man that can provide leadership and also come with the physical endowment to ruthlessly pound us like yams when the moment calls for it.

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