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    Sexual Intimacy In Marriages Is At Zero

    Sex drought has badly hit marriages.

    It remains the greatest source of frustration among married couples who are supposed to be enjoying it.

    Going through some random Facebook post you we will find people ask random and  rather awkward questions, about how often a married couple get intimate. Now that’s a tickling and shocking one, while others quickly retorted; “There’s no sex in marriage!”

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    There are mixed reactions from people, but most agreed with the reply. Like, period – there’s none of it in marriage.
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    We all know that in any good relationship between persons of the opposite gender or whichever orientation, sex is mostly that awesome binding moment between the parties.

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    We would say, sex was God’s idea of expressing love and affection with a bonus of kids as bundles of the joy of marriage. Yet it remains the greatest source of frustration among married couples who are supposed to enjoy it.

    Sex drought has badly hit the marriage institution among both the young and the old, and you’d not be surprised when you eavesdrop on conversations out here where people go out to get sorted.

    Much as men are the biggest victims of this drought right inside their matrimonial beds because their women withhold conjugal rights whenever they feel like it, it is emerging that women are also sexually starved!

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    This is something we never talk about, it’s a conversation we aren’t ready for but ask around. There are men who deny their wives what brought those (wives) around and you’d wonder, what do (some) men really want?

    Not that married people hate having sex at all, they are in fact having the best of it out here than you’d ever imagine! People have long weekend road trips to wherever, they sneak out of offices during lunch breaks for funch (sic) while some have meetings and training out of town throughout the month, just for steamy sexapades in Airbnbs. You would think they’re equally starved, no. They’re very full. But back home there’s no speaking about intimacy.

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    On the countable days when they decide to remember that they’re actually married and married people don’t just sleep like siblings, they hurriedly do it out of mere obligation, thoughtless duty or sympathy. Someone who was ‘the one’ some good years ago, now gets intimate with you out of sympathy! The sexual spark in marriages has gone back to zero.

    Marriage is nowadays more like a trial App, cosmetic sort of, where people get together for family, the church and the public. It’s rarely about love and companionship like it’s meant to be, because even the ‘two shall become one’ is said before the masses for the sake of saying.

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    The happily ever after and till death do us part have greatly been replaced by ‘til sex does us part. Sex in marriage is selfish, it’s about one’s interests – if one doesn’t get it, they forget about it and go out there to be served as they want.

    Inconsistent and infrequent sex in marriage may be brought about by a number of factors, especially with the current 21st-century life plus the very ruthless economic times. It’s honestly a murky cocktail of exhaustion – reaching targets and beating deadlines, traffic, tax, health conditions, alcohol, depression, and ungrateful kids.

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    Where will a couple even get time and energy for a steamy night after 12 hours in the office and another five in the crazy traffic, then getting home to an unromantic spouse and noisy children?

    But again, have y’all married guys tried bringing back the spark you once had when dating? Sex is more like painting. Like the music plus art and craft.

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    Rhythmically playing with colours and techniques with a lot of creativity every other day you can never experience the drought. Break the monotony, normal is boring.
    How do y’all ‘borrow’ sex? Because something borrowed can also be denied. How about we initiate this whole act of loving and being loved back?

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    Until spouses stop having obligatory and unfulfilling sex or no sex at all, we will still have this debate in decades to come, it might even get worse. Sex should only get better in marriage.

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