Mo Ti Ri Yawo!!! How Much A Yoruba Traditional Wedding List Cost

‘Igbeyawo’  Is what Traditional marriage is called in Yoruba culture, it means ‘bride carrying by the groom’ is an unforgettable ceremony in the southwestern region of Nigeria. Here is how much a Yoruba traditional wedding list cost
Before the traditional wedding rites take place, the groom accompanied by his relatives pays a visit to the bride’s family with gifts to make known their intention to marry their daughter before the wedding day. the introduction is an informal occasion, but the groom’s family is welcomed with food and drinks, and the marriage discussions are then made between both families. The traditional wedding date is then picked during the introduction ceremony and the marriage list is then given to the groom’s family.
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The following items listed below are the contents of a Yoruba marriage list requested from the groom:
    1. 42 yam tubers
    2. A bag of rice
    3. 25 liters of palm oil and vegetable oil
    4. 2 bottles of honey
    5. Bitter kola
    6. Kolanut
    7. Alligator pepper
    8. A box of clothes
    9. Umbrella
    10. Sugarcane
    11. A bag of salt
    12. Basket of fruits
    13. Dried fish
    14. She goat or Hen
    15. Bible
    16. Engagement ring
    17. Aadun
    18. Wine
    19. Soft drinks
    20. Cash: Bride price (which is usually N5,000 across Yoruba land)and some supplementary cash gifts like Owo Iya gbo, Owo baba gbo, Owo isigba, and others. For the item listed above, there is no specific quality or amount, so the groom can bring as much or as little he can afford. Asides from the fact that these items are brought as gifts, each of them is symbolic of certain blessings of marriage. For example, since alligator pepper has numerous seeds, prayers are made using it as a point of contact that the couple will also have many children. The bride price collected is also returned to the groom; the bride’s worth is far more than money so returning the bride price means she is not for sale.
      After gifts are presented and id is done, merriment starts in full force. Foods and drinks are served, the band starts playing for the new couple to have their first dance. Other guests then join them and spray their money until the party is over.
      Yoruba traditional weddings are the most fun and exciting wedding you will ever attend, their culture is something out of the extraordinary.
      The Yoruba traditional wedding ceremony is usually filled with colors, life, and a joyful. It is seen as a time of joy for the couple, their relatives, and friends.

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