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Enjoy The Stunning Highlights From Adenike And Christopher’s Civil Wedding #ACForever24

Adenike and Christopher have sealed their union in a civil wedding. They had a vibrant Yoruba traditionally wedding and it was a joyous moment for the duo.

Adenike and Christopher civil wedding KOKO Brides Nigeria 5

After the traditional wedding, Adenike and Christopher went ahead to tie the knot legally in a civil wedding.

In a joint Instagram post, they shared pictures from their civil wedding.

The groom captioned the post:

Legally married 💍

The final step in a Nigerian wedding is to get a legal marriage. A lot of people will only do a traditional marriage and never actually get around to getting the marriage legalized.

In Nigeria people would go visit the Federal Marriage Registry office closest to them to finalize their marriage. You can also just go here and skip the traditional ceremony if you want. It is basically like a DMV for weddings where you wait in lines and they perform a short ceremony and officially wed you in the eyes of the Nigerian government.

Everyone has to do it this way whereas in the U.S. you typically just drop off the documents signed by your wedding officiant after the wedding and not make a big deal of it. It’s an interesting place and I’ll have a video out on it shortly. We had to go there for a short interview prior to them coming to our civil wedding day.

It is quite busy there and we choose to pay them extra to come to a private residence to do the ceremony which was definitely worth it.

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Trending video of the day;

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