10 Tips To Help Couples Have A Great Sex Life

Married life comes with a huge level of responsibility and many times couples become overwhelmed with this new responsibility that they lose the sense of themselves and the spark in certain aspects of their relationship. Sex life is one area many couples struggle with as couples move through married life and many wonder how they would navigate this without losing steam.

10 Tips To Help Couples Have A Great Sex LifeMany couples are stuck and going through a dry spell in their lives and they are wondering how they would get through it and return to be an era of sexual steam moving on the wild sexual speed with their partners. Today we share with couples a few tips to help them have a great sex life.
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  1. Communicate
    One of the first steps is to communicate finding out your partner’s sexual needs are, concerns, etc. Break it down into simple details, laying your cards on the table and ensuring that nothing is off-limits.
  2. Create a schedule
    Create a schedule with your partner on how often you want to have sex and then the sex styles that you want to try for your sex days. This schedule makes things easier and you must make a conscious effort to stick to it.
  3. Explore
    One step to creating a fun and active sex life is to be willing to explore. You both should be willing to try out new sex styles and not feel uncomfortable or scared.
  4. Try more intimate items
    There are a number of sex items that help intimacy you and your partner should buy these items, visit these stores and use them in sexual activity to boost your sex life.
  5. Buy sexual toys
    Sexual toys are a great choice in boosting your sexual life so couples should be willing to buy them and also use them in the room without feeling shy or uncomfortable. Bring out your inner self and you could use alcohol as a boost to achieve this.
  6. Speak with a therapist
    A sex therapist is a therapist that helps couples address their sexual needs, problems and also profers solutions to these problems. You should be open about speaking to one and not feel any topic is off-limits.
  7. Watch erotic movies/ porn
    There are endless numbers of erotic movies and porn sites that provide sexual content for couples. You both can make this a movie date night option and be open-minded to learning from the clips and also try out what you have watched.
  8. Take a sex class
    “Taking a couples’ sex class can open up a whole new avenue of sex play,” says Megatron. Finding a one-night sex class is easy and you both must be willing to learn. Couples can learn about new sex positions, techniques, and toys and props for sex play, in a learning environment that is fun not intimidating.
  9. Weekend getaway
    Leaving your present environment into a new one is a major step to also boosting your sex life. A getaway to a hotel, a staycation, etc. gives you new vitality and you become free and open to trying new things.
  10. Masturbation
    Masturbation is a good habit to keep up, regardless of if you are in an intimate relationship or not. Masturbation increases endorphins and provides sexual and emotional release that is necessary to live your life. It also allows you to know your body, which is important when you are trying to communicate your sexual needs to your partner. Solo masturbation is awesome, it can also be fun to masturbate in the presence of, or even with your partner. Incorporating masturbation into your foreplay allows you to take an active role in arousing yourself and it also shows your partner exactly what you like and how you like it.

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