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Six Things Women Do When They Are Cheating | KOKO Brides
Friday, June 14, 2024

    Six Things Women Do When They Are Cheating

    Cheating women are always smart and confident. If men are not careful, they won’t know what they are doing behind them.

    Women are beautiful creatures of God who are bestowed intelligence and wisdom. But some of them use it otherwise.

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    To know that, you will see that in everything a woman what to know or do, they know or do it deeply and sure of it. Similarly, if your wife is cheating on you, you may not realize but I will list some certain things they do when they are cheating in a relationship.

    Without wasting your time, below are the six things married or engaged women do when they are having a secret affair with someone else.

    1. She will not be receiving all calls in your presence.

    When your wife begins to shun some incoming calls beside you, just know someone might be disturbing her to have secret affair with him or she is actually having the secret affair with someone.

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    If you ask her why she doesn’t pick up her call, she will say it is one bastard disturbing her and she has warned him not to be calling her again that she is already married/engaged.

    2. You will realise a change in her attitude.

    A Woman’s attitudes towards her man change when she is cheating on him. She will become more arrogant and disrespectful.

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    How you can learn that is by telling her to help you do something that can give her more stress. She may not be able to open up in the first place but when she gets overstressed she will open up and say your problem is too much.

    3. She will not be quickly picking your call.

    When a cheating woman sees her man’s call, she will firstly hiss and continue what she is doing and she may not pick the call at that time. But she will later flash you to call again, then she will find an excuse for not picking your first call.

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    Why will she be doing this? It is simply because she has found someone else better than you who is taking care of her as you are. But she is not content with your care or she is very greedy.

    If you notice this strange attitude from your girl which she doesn’t do when you first meet, then be vigilant and take note of her steps. You will discover that something is very fishy.

    4. She will never allow you to operate her phone.

    This is also among the strange actions of a cheating partner. When a girl cheats, she will always be hiding her phone from his real boyfriend.

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    If you ask her one day to lend you her phone, she will say that you can use yours and she also doesn’t ask yours. And what exactly you want to use her phone to do. This shows she is hiding something from you.

    An honest will give you her phone and explain if you find anything fishy on her phone like someone wooing her or sending her love messages while she is not really dating such a person. But a cheating woman will not give you any chance to operate her phone, she will claim her right to privacy.

    5. Always angry over petty issues.

    A woman will be overreacting to a minor clash between her and her man since she is not content with him.

    Sometimes you will even wonder why she is getting extremely angry over a small issue. Just know that a woman does that when she is probably cheating on a man.

    6. Deeply loss in thought when you are with her.

    She will always do that when she remembers her secret side chick. How he handles her more than you.

    She will pretend nothing happens if you touch her and ask her what she is thinking about. Whereas she is thinking about the other man outside or praying he should not call while she is with you.

    You need to take note of this if you discover your woman doing it without any prior calamity that can make her be getting lost in thought.

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