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    How To Go From Side Chick To Main Chick

    So if you really like your man and you discover that you’re the side-chick, what do you do?

    Side Chick Dating KOKO Brides Nigeria

    If you’re the side chick? How can go from side chick to main?

    First be honest with yourself and him about what you want

    Are you content with being the side chick or do you want more?

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    Even if you think you’re fine with something casual, you need to understand what a side chick should expect.

    Relationship Dating Sexual KOKO Brides 1You’re not his priority, and chances are whilst you continue being just the side chick you never will be.

    Can a man fall in love with his side chick? Technically anything is possible. But largely in love and romance, things continue as they start out.

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    So don’t expect him to one day become attached and “upgrade you” in his life. You are kidding yourself.

    You have to be really honest with yourself about what you want. Because what you want is what you deserve.

    Then you need to be honest with him. If you suspect you’re just a side chick, confront him. That doesn’t mean starting an argument. But it does mean having an open chat about your suspicions and why you’re feeling this way.SexDon’t be a doormat

    Here’s the number one mistake that women who are just the side chick make: They think that being agreeable will turn them into his main chick.

    They think that if they continue to be fun, sexy, and undemanding that they will seem a better prospect than the other woman (or women) in his life.

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    After all, if he were really happy with what he already had, he wouldn’t need a side chick in the first place, right?

    10 Tips To Heal After A Toxic Relationship KOKOBRIDES24But this is misguided.

    You could be Princess Awesome from Planet Fantastic and it still wouldn’t make any difference.

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    If you simply go along with how he treats you, if you accept being second best, then you are subconsciously telling him that’s ok.

    Sadly, if you don’t create clear boundaries then some guys will try to walk all over you. Show him that you are not his doormat, and everything cannot be on his terms.

    You stand a far better chance of becoming more significant in his life if he respects you. So stop worrying about rocking the boat and demand the respect you deserve.10 Tips To Heal After A Toxic Relationship KOKOBRIDES4Bolster your self-esteem

    Time for some tough love.

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    If you’ve found yourself questioning ‘why am I the side chick?’ is it because you are letting yourself be?

    Ok, if you aren’t sure if he has a girlfriend, wife, or some other woman on the scene, it could just be bad luck. It happens.Five Tips Why You Should Never Confront The Other Woman In Your Relationship KOKOBRIDES 6

    But if you already know that you’re the side chick you need to ask yourself why you are putting up with the scraps.

    It might be time to show yourself some love and work on your self-esteem.

    That way you will never be anyone’s side chick because you will deeply know in your core that you deserve so much more.

    Five Tips Why You Should Never Confront The Other Woman In Your Relationship KOKOBRIDES 1

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