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    Learn Your Woman’s Love Language And She Would Love You For It

    While it’s common knowledge that humans all have varied tastes, our men are failing to put this into consideration when it comes to loving women.

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    We may all love tripe, but some of us love it boiled and others prefer it wet-fried.

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    We, women, have, therefore, learnt all manner of cooking to suit our guests of the moment. Other times, we even serve buffets to give variety to visitors, whose tastes we do not know.

    We, therefore, do not understand why our men cannot also apply this simple logic when it comes to the game of love. There are lessons that our parents teach us and others that we learn from the women that love us.

    Social Media Relationship 6 Reasons Why You Should Post Your Partner 122 kokobridesBut other times, we have to try and figure things out on our own because manuals do not always work.

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    It is foolhardy to assume that what Nkechi likes with be a turn-on to Awero as well. It’s time men realised that they cannot replicate one strategy on different women and expect good results.

    Ask them about football and they will go to lengths to explain how a good coach will use different approaches and game plans when facing different teams.

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    How then is it possible that the same man cannot demonstrate such acumen on love matters?

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    The fact that your ex ticked when you spanked her, does not mean that the next woman you date will love this. Take time to know your woman the very way you take time to know the names of all footballers in your favourite team including the history of your favourite coach and his ancestry.

    There is no place for complacency in dating. You have to do your research well and find out what your current woman likes and what she hates.10 Ways To Avoid A Toxic Relationship KOKOBRIDES1

    Woe unto you if you have polygamous tendencies and the preferences of your women are as far apart as Nigeria is from Somalia.

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    There are women who respond well to praise and would love to be told how beautiful they are and how the sun rises and sets below their waistline.

    Yet, there are others who respond well to degradation. The one who would love to be called all the vile names and choked in the process. There are those of us who love their rides slow and smooth and then there are others, who want to be treated as if they were safari rally cars being driven at neck-breaking speeds.10 Ways To Avoid A Toxic Relationship KOKOBRIDES2

    The purpose of dating is to learn a thing or two about your partner.

    While some of your antics might have worked well with your former and you had several macho moments, it would be unrealistic to carry the same formulae to copy-paste on another partner and expect the same results.

    Treat a new relationship like a new job, where you may know the ropes of your profession, but you are still required to learn a thing or two about your new setting and to adjust appropriately.

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