How To Keep Your Skin Clear And Radiant Ahead Of Your Wedding Day

Finding the perfect skincare routine can be the most exhausting process ever ahead of your wedding.

Every day there’s a new product or tool claiming to transform our skin, and it’s hard to know what’s necessary and what’s not.

The truth about clear skin is that no one can achieve 100% flawless skin all the time. Don’t let the online filters fool you, because even the people who look like they have perfect skin probably have a few blemishes here and there.

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That’s not to say you can’t have good skin, because you can, even without a crazy ten-step routine. Here are a few simple ways you can have healthy skin without doing the most:

Avoid buildup: The first step to getting great-looking skin is making sure you wash off the buildup. The accumulation of dust, pollutants, products and sweat that occurs during the day can end up causing breakouts.

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The rule should always be to avoid sleeping with an unclean face even when you’re tired. If you wear heavy makeup you should use a cleanser to double cleanse, and if you don’t wear a lot of product, you could use a gentle facial soap and that’s it.

Protect your skin from the sun: The sun is known to cause a lot of damage to our skin. There are studies that have been done that show effects like premature ageing that come from the lack of protection.

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There are different ways to protect your skin like wearing sunscreen. If you’re concerned about the possible effects of sunscreen, you can wear protective clothing and avoid excess sun exposure during certain times of the day.

Adjust your diet: Having a healthy diet is already a great skincare routine in itself. What we eat has an effect on the health of our skin, because the nutrients we get from healthy food nourish our bodies overall.

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Although you shouldn’t necessarily expect to see quick results like what we see with skin care products, the long-term benefits are amazing. As you age, you will look more vibrant and have better skin.

Also, pay attention to the foods that trigger a breakout and limit how much you consume. Some of the worst offenders are dairy products, sugary foods and greasy foods.

Prioritise sleep: Consistent adequate sleep might just be one of the best skin care routines out there. Without enough of it, your skin isn’t able to repair itself properly and you will also experience higher stress levels which also causes issues like breakouts.

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To be honest, it’s difficult to get a whole eight hours of sleep every single day but, you can still do your best to get as much rest as possible.

Wash your pillowcases regularly: A dirty pillow case is a quick way to have breakouts back to back. Your skin will suffer from the buildup of dead skin cells and dirt.

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With or without a routine, pillowcases should be washed as often as once per week. Your duvet also needs good washing regularly because the section that comes into contact with your face will cause breakouts when dirty.

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